Trust Our Tow Team to Move Your Client's Car

Trust Our Tow Team to Move Your Client's Car

Find out about our autobody shop towing services in Carrollton, TX

One of your clients needs to get their car into your shop, but they can't drive it, and you can't tow it. As a mechanic, you need towing services that won't leave your client stranded for hours. That's where Ken's Premier Towing comes in. We can move your client's vehicle safely and quickly with our mechanic and autobody shop towing services.

Count on our team in Carrollton, TX because:

  • We provide local and long-distance towing services
  • We can tow large vehicles like Ford F-150s or vans
  • We'll use a flatbed to avoid hook and lift damage to the car

You don't have to settle for a towing service that leaves the car vulnerable to damage, or that can't handle a large vehicle. Call 214-356-3990 now to schedule towing services for your mechanic or autobody shop.

Find out about our trusted towing company

When you're an autobody shop owner or a mechanic, your towing company should be one you can put your confidence in. We've been earning the trust of our clients through our excellent mechanic and autobody towing services for years. Go to the Testimonials page now to read their reviews.